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Media Storage Racks

If you have ever sensed the frustration of trying to find your favorite movie disk, your favorite music CD, or your much needed computer disk, then you must realize the importance of media storage racks. Media racks come in a variety of looks and sizes. There are media storage racks for the home, and for the office. There is even the media tower for large storerooms, and for computer centers. These media racks are simply variations of book shelves. Some of them are like shadowboxes that can be assembled alongside a wall. They have slanted shelves, and they allow for a person to insert their favorite form of media, or organization purposes.For example, when a person wants to keep their movie DVD collection organized, they will want to have media racks that can hold the DVDs either in their bedroom, the living room, or their entertainment room. These racks will usually look like bookshelves, but there are models such as the media tower. The media tower simply has slots, so that the user can slide their DVD ca...


Garage Overhead Storage: Something to Think About

Garage overhead storage is a topic you probably haven't really given much thought about. It's not really something that crosses the brain in natural fashion. If you are like the typical American home owner, you probably just use the garage to store tons of stuff in that you really don't need. And if you are lucky, you actually use it to put your car in sometimes. The problem is that most people don't take a more deliberate approach to how they store their items. Come in, drop it in the corner, and worry about finding it later, that's the normal routine. Lame! There's no really good reason for it. Lazy thinking and a lackadaisical approach to storage usually ends up in messes and clutter that could easily be avoided with just a little planning.When it comes to storing things in the garage, there are a wide variety of options for your consideration. Racks on the wall that are designed to hold specific things like bikes, tools, and sports equipment (like snow skis and water skis), are right up there in terms of ...


5 Lies You Are Being Told About Getting Organized

1. Someone else can come "make" you organized. Don't get me wrong, the services of a professional organizer are useful and sometimes necessary in order to get you on the right track. But hiring a professional organizer will not, ultimately, change you. And changing yourself and how you organize yourself is the only way you are going to get any kind of organizational system to work for you. You can go ahead and hire a professional organizer to come in and get your life organized for you but it will fall apart unless you change how you think about being organized. So how do you change how you think about organization? A good way to start is with one part of your routine. Let's say that one part of your home that drives you crazy is your "to-be-filed" tray. It seems to be constantly overflowing and out of control. For the next 21 days, commit to doing your filing every day. Stick to this commitment for the full 21 days. If you miss a day, start back at day one the next day. Once you've reached that 21 day mark...


Storing Large Items Checklist

There are times in which we have to store large items. We may not have room for them in our homes, storage sheds, and garages. That means it is time to rent public storage space or to somehow make some room. It can seem like such an incredible feat. Actually, it can seem like an impossible feat. That is why you have to be rather methodical in how you go about this endeavor.Before you even write down your checklist, you have to make sure you have help if you need it so that you can customize your checklist the way you need to. How you construct your list depends on what you're moving and what your particular situation is. Just make sure that you have everything covered and that you abide by your checklist so that you can avoid as many obstacles as possible.So here is your checklist: - Whether you're storing your large items somewhere on your property or elsewhere, you need to measure them. This is so you can make sure you leave enough storage room.- You also need to get an idea of the weight so that you know h...


Different Types of Garage Shelves

Almost every garage in America probably has some form of garage shelves in it to help store all the items that we have and need to access on an occasional basis. Types of things kept on shelves include sporting goods, seasonal holiday items, gardening supplies and tools. The types of garage shelves can range from ones that hang on the wall to free standing shelving units. They can be ones that you build yourself out of plywood and 2x4's, or purchased shelves from the local store. Some may even have doors on them, like cabinets, that actually allow you to shut everything out of sight for a neater looking garage. These are especially great for small items, and things like stains, paints, fertilizers, and other household chemicals that you want to keep locked up or out of sight of children. So we all know that garage shelves are really great and help us to organize our living spaces. But did you know that there are other options available besides standard shelving? Let's take a look at a couple of these.The firs...


Garage Organizers Take Away All Your Excuses

Garage organizers are not all created equal, not by a long shot. When you have stuff to store, but not enough space to store it in, then you know a lot about storage - or the lack of it. Many garages are used to solve this problem with simple plywood shelves. This works, but isn't very attractive. It also isn't very efficient. There really isn't all that much difference between a pile of stuff on the floor and a pile of stuff on a shelf. It can be nearly as frustrating and as equally irritating. Creating a truly organized garage space takes a little bit of planning and thought. Once you've figured out exactly what you need to organize, then you can purchase the appropriate organization solution for your garage. Assuming that you've figured out your needs, here are some possible organizers for your consideration.First, you could opt for something as basic as garage organizer cabinets that can be mounted on the wall, or put on rollers and left on the floor. These are really nice because they allow you to store ...


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